The best fitness gifts for girls 2017

Get wrapped up in the spirit of giving this Christmas; check out my top fitness gifts for the female wellness warrior in your life.

1. Ultracor Leggings, £230

2. Happiness Planner, £40

3. P.E.Nation Sports Bra, £90

4. Jimmy Choo Trainers, £395

5. Varley Leggings, £90

6. Apple Watch, £329

7. MZ Wallace Yoga Mat Bag, £98

8. Neom Candle, £45

9. Kenzo Jumper, £175   

10. Lulu Lemon Socks, £18 

11. Pro-Tech Athlectics Ball Roller, £8.08

12. Canda Goose Gilet, £300


In 2017 I will….. well for at least the first 5 days I will….. & obviously weekends don’t count, do they?!  Like clockwork each January millions of us set out for our annual re launch.


Health is a usual contender when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. I mean it has great credentials & packs a mean punch, so it’s no surprise:


I want to share with you a few key #fitfluencial sources that keep me motivated, so at the end of 2017 you can say ‘I did.….’! Here we go… 

Brian Johnson

I’m a big fan of his ‘Optimal Living 101 Master Classes’; sign up & receive daily thought provoking emails that look to optimise every aspect of your life, so you can realise your potential.


Mindfulness – what, ex-squeeze-me?! Life can be (is) mental, taking 5 minutes each day to meditate, can enhance your life no end. This free nifty app, holds your hand & walks you step by step through the process of meditation. from Equinox

Move over, office web browsing is having a makeover, check out Equinox’s banging blog is 100% click worthy, covering the science, the food, the style, movement & more – LOVE!

Ben Coomber’s Podcast

Nothing like a podcast on the way to work, this full fat weekly podcast covers everything from nutrition, to mind-set, exercise & human performance. Plug in your headphones; it gets thumbs up from me!

A cracking website that nails the good sweat, good looks, good advice & good food.

My Fitness Pal

The hall monitor of nutrition apps, scan your vino blanco bottle & hey presto the ‘nutritional’ content appears in a log, tracking your daily macros.